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The CBPis Society aims to contribute to the development of experts working in the field of mental health and to provide them with accessible and ethical training opportunities in the said field.

The CBPis Society aims to conduct studies pertaining to the protection of mental health nationwide, ensure the treatment and care of mental patients and expand, guide, set standards and monitor mental health studies. In addition, the CBPis Society is responsible for conveying their evaluations on the aforesaid subject to relevant institutions and to form public opinion on the issue.

The CBPis Society aims to provide activities enlightening, educating and warning the society on mental health issues.

The CBPis Society aims to conduct research for the activation and/or development of activities within this scope.

The CBPis Society aims to encourage scientific studies on cognitive and behavioral therapies and to promote the ethical research appropriate to the culture.

The CBPis Society aims to support the development of its member/sinthe light of the developments in contemporary science through activities and / or research such as courses and / or seminars and / or conferences and / or panels and / or educational activities.

The CBPis Society aims to encourage itsmember’s/members’involvement in scientific studies on Cognitive and Behavioural therapies and / or to promote culture-appropriate ethical research.

The CBPis Society aims to provide any information and / or documents and / or publications necessary for the Association to fulfill its objectives; to establish a documentation center and/or, in line with its objectives, to publish documents including newspapers, journals, books, bulletins and so forth to publicize their work. TheCBPisSocietyaimstoprovideahealthyworkingenvironmentand/or all types of technical tools and equipment and / or inventory and stationery materials in order to achieve and / or to be able to achieve its purpose.

The CBPis Society aims to establish contact with, collaborate with, receive support from, and provide support to the institutions and / or organizations with similar purpose both within the country and abroad for information exchange or giving and / or receiving courses; organizing international congresses and/or attending conferences with similar nature to fulfill this purpose.

To meet with official state departments, institutions and organizations on the protection of the objectives and reputation of the Association; making demands pertaining to these issues and, if deemed necessary, requesting amendments in legal regulations.

To initiate legal proceedings for subjects pertaining to the aims and activities of the Association and start legal action at the TRNC Courts.

To solve the problems that may be encountered by members, to cater for their needs and seeking, defending and asking for their rights.

To play an active role in the advancement of the field of mental health and psychotherapy and take any legal action in this regard.

To organize dinner concerts and/or balls and/or theatre shows and/or exhibitions and/or sports activities and/or trips and/or any other entertaining activities in order to be able to help those who are members of the association or those who are not and / or all those who live in TRNC spend their time productively and increase their involvement in social activities.

Purchasing, renting and / or exchanging any movable and / or immovable property for the realisation of the Association’s objectives. Building, maintaining and renovating the building and / or structure required for the realisation of the Association’s activities. In general, the income sources of the Association are admission fees, membership fees, income from subsidiaries, donations and grants, income from services provided, solidarity balls or parties or other income-generating activities. The Association may take part in activities to meet the expenses required for its purpose and field of operation.

The Association does not pursue any political purpose and cannot engage in political activities.